Jess - present

My name is Jess Eaton and I am a conceptual artist living happily in Brighton with my son.

I have had many artistic jobs ( and indeed still work in many areas) but can see now that actually I was always a conceptual artist ...I  was just reluctant to wear the label as I always found the art scene so elitist and rather pretentious.

But the truth is, I am ...but the breed that make their own pieces and can be called a craftsman too. 

I have however, had no formal training and am completely self taught...I've always felt I'm on a journey and am constantly learning new techniques, often making it up as I go along.

At present I have a studio/shop with my good friend Jon Nott, 'EatonNott' in Brighton where we sell the bizarre and the beautiful including artworks that I make exclusively for EatonNott and my highly acclaimed 'Roadkill Couture'...

but THIS website/shop is just for me and any bits and bobs that I make along the way.

My motto in life is the old classic 'no guts, no glory' and I believe there is no higher priority in life than being yourself, however daunting or frightening that may be.

Take that step, say those words, do that thing that you're holding back. 

It could set you free.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find something you like.

Feel free to contact me with questions, I'd love to hear from you x