Jess- past

I used to be known as was a nick name given to me by my friends in the 80's and came from 'Jezebel'. 

On a whim,I changed back to Jess a few years ago not realising what a confusion it would be to some folks, so sorry for that!

Career wise it's been varied and exciting journey with real highs and lows..

I started my career as a cabaret artist, travelling Europe with a troupe of friends. Being an impossible romantic, I fell in love in Germany where I moved and spent the next 20 years living and working.

I started off as a makeup artist and soon became an exclusive celebrity MUA in the music industry working with all the big groups of the 90's incl SNAP, 2 Unlimited, Haddaway,Nena, Nina Hagen, Scooter, Sven Vath, David Hasselhof to name but a few.

I branched out into fashion/costume design firstly for music videos, record covers, events etc and in 1998 created my first own collection and conceptual art piece the `Re-Design' show which was a staged fashion show where the entire collection, ( on second sight) was created out of household objects or rubbish..

"The Re-Design show" was ahead of it's time and brought me a highlight in my career, not to mention acclaim and frequent  television appearances ...but unfortunately it's at this point that the 'lows' take a turn. Due to personal circumstances, I decided to return to England with my new son and I settled back in Brighton to ponder life and drink in the energy of the city.

My son became old enough for me to start out again so 12 years later, in 2010 I revived the Re-Design show, this time under the name TRASHION and premiered it at Brighton Fashion Week.

Again it was a corking success and received a standing ovation and really put me back on the map.

It was at this point that I met JonNott and we decided to open up which I gifted my next concept "Roadkill Couture" which concerns itself with creating couture from deceased animals.  I have since created 3 Roadkill Couture collections for EatonNott and will continue to  create pieces for the shop.

I am proud to be able to say Roadkill Couture has been worn by Kate Moss and Lady Gaga and has appeared in countless glossies and dailies.I have been invited on to many tv and radio shows incl : BBC Radio2, BBC Radio4, City Secrets with Alan Cummings and Channel 4's- 4 Rooms and loads more. It has been a hoot!